Next generation development with Docker and Fig

An article I wrote on the STX Next blog: 

"At STX Next we're always looking for ways to work more efficiently. Recently we observed a couple of problems related to deployment environments, which we ended up solving by introducing Dockerand Fig in projects. Not only do these tools allow new developers to contribute to projects more quickly, they also give developers more confidence that what works locally, will also work on production." 

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Hello Again, Linux

It's about 8 years ago that I decided to buy my first Mac. At the time I was using PCs with Windows and Linux. My first Mac was an iBook G4, a 1Ghz PowerPC. I loved it. Everything was so fresh and new. Since then I've always used Mac laptops. October 1st I'm starting a new job at a Python company called STX Next here in Poznań. For the past half a year, I've been working on Zed close to full-time. I enjoyed it, but I decided I wanted a change: I wanted to be surrounded by colleagues rather than sitting in an office by myself with my nearest colleague 1000km away. Over the past three years I never experienced that longer than a few weeks -- I always worked remote. That's going to change now.

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