TwUI: Twitter’s Hardware Accelerated UI Toolkit

[Twitter open sources the Mac toolkit]( that they used to build the [Twitter Mac app]( (formerly known as Tweetie): > Until now, there was not a simple and effective way to design interactive, hardware-accelerated interfaces on the Mac. Core Animation can create hardware-accelerated drawings, but doesn’t provide interaction mechanisms. AppKit and NSView have excellent interactionContinue reading “TwUI: Twitter’s Hardware Accelerated UI Toolkit” your way to sainthood

When I was 16 I ran a simple website listing free stuff available on the internet. Free stickers, free webspace, free e-mail. My site wasn’t the only one doing it, there were many others. Of course, I borrowed stuff listen on other sites, which was not always appreciated. One of my competitors felt threatened, andContinue reading “ your way to sainthood”

Slumber party

It’s been quiet here. That’s because the overhead of this place is just so much lower. And less is more, people talk too much anyway. And it’s even accessible if you’re not on it, by subcribing to this.

Anatomy of a Twitter message

RT @scobleizer: having lunch with @jasoncalacanis @TechCrunch and @ev at #lunch #lifestream — dramatization of an actual twitter message The simplicity of twitter is often mentioned as the key factor of its success. Slate magazine (April 2007): Twitter is the newest assault on your attention span. Once you’ve signed in, the Twitter siteContinue reading “Anatomy of a Twitter message”

Mr. Digg on how to be #2 like him

Micheal Arringtong was nice enough to give some room to Kevin Rose (of Digg fame) to share his insights into how to become popular on Twitter (Kevin is currently the #2 most followed person). The highlights: Let your followers retweet you. Retweeting is copying somebody else’s twitter message on your own twitter stream. Personally IContinue reading “Mr. Digg on how to be #2 like him”

New Twhirl: now with 400% more spam reach

Loic Le Meur on the upcoming new release of Twhirl (a populair Twiter client): Post your messages from Twhirl to Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, WordPress and a gazillion services with integration. Why keep your updates only for one social software while you could reach all your friends on all of them? i.e. why only botherContinue reading “New Twhirl: now with 400% more spam reach”