“Resilience Thinking” in the Micro-Service Architecture

Micro services — the idea of splitting up your “monolith” software architecture into dozens, even hundreds of small services — pops up all over the place these days. At Egnyte we are also regularly discussing this topic, and investigating how to move towards this model more and more. Resilience is a hot topic in this area. Resilience is allContinue reading ““Resilience Thinking” in the Micro-Service Architecture”

Brilliant, But Stuck

You’re one of them — one of those 10x developers. The cream of the crop. You know how to build things, and build them well. Technical challenges don’t scare you — you got a track record of getting them done. People like working with you, because they know they will learn from you. In fact, people join whichever companyContinue reading “Brilliant, But Stuck”

There Is No Such Thing as a “Maintenance Project”

Recently I joined one of the STX Next projects as part of the development team. As many of our projects, it is not a greenfield project — there is an existing code base already (Google App Engine with Ionic, in this particular case) that we had to work with. I’ve looked through the code, and, let meContinue reading “There Is No Such Thing as a “Maintenance Project””