“Don’t You Miss Programming?”

Why I wouldn’t want to go back being a developer Look at me — I’m a manager! It’s the first thing people ask me when they find out that I used to be one of them. “Don’t you miss it? I hear you were pretty good, why did you switch to management, did they force you?” Good question.Continue reading ““Don’t You Miss Programming?””

Decoupling: Events vs. Dependency Injection

Twitter open sourced Flight: “a lightweight, component-based JavaScript framework from Twitter”. Its killer feature: develop components that are loosely coupled, through the power of events. Cool, right? We all love events. Events are a powerful idea. They give you a nice way to decouple, and a great way to support extensibility in your software, byContinue reading “Decoupling: Events vs. Dependency Injection”

Dart: Web Fragmentation vs. Web Development Fragmentation

Remember Dart — that language that Google is developing to replace Javascript? Frankly, I haven’t given it much thought the past year. When I heard it being pitched as a “web scripting language that we can make run really fast” about a year ago by Lars Bak), I kind of dismissed it. I don’t find the abilityContinue reading “Dart: Web Fragmentation vs. Web Development Fragmentation”

Node.js and The Case of the Blocked Event Loop

In Pick Your Battles I listed a few problems that we had in our production deployment of a big node.js codebase. Some people asked me to elaborate on one in particular: “Oh, our node.js server processes seem to freeze up for a long time (seconds) from time to time, why does that happen?” So, whyContinue reading “Node.js and The Case of the Blocked Event Loop”