Why Programming Languages

Why Programming Languages? When I present my research work on programming languages, people often ask me “why do you need a new programming language to solve this problem? Why not just implement it as a library?” Or, I get asked “why didn’t you implement it as an extension to {some existing language}?” In this essayContinue reading “Why Programming Languages”

Lisp: The Programmable Programming Language, with Manuel Simoni

Lisp is the ultimate power tool. The language can be extended by the programmer in almost any way it sees fit, without having to wait for Lisp 2.0 or 3.0. It appears to be the ultimate road to infinite programmer expressivity. Nevertheless, with great power comes great responsibility. Are programmers capable of dealing with soContinue reading “Lisp: The Programmable Programming Language, with Manuel Simoni”

The beauty of ugliness

Since I and my colleagues are basically full-time programming language designer/implementers, we have a lot of discussion related to language design and aesthetics. I have always cared about the look and feel of a language and framework: does the code look pretty, is its syntax concise, clear and consistent, does it allow to nicely separateContinue reading “The beauty of ugliness”