Are Web Apps An Insult To Users?

Web apps vs. native apps for mobile — this appears to be what everybody is talking about these days. I think native apps currently provide the best user experience, don’t you? As a user, given the choice between a web app and native app, which one would you pick? Unless you signed your life away to theContinue reading “Are Web Apps An Insult To Users?”

Web vs. Native On Mobile: The Never Ending Struggle

It seems to be an everlasting battle: what’s “better”: developing mobile nativeapplications or developing mobile web applications? Sadly, the answer is boring: it depends. What matters to you as the developer? Multiple-platform support. Web applications are a cheap way to go. Develop your application once, run on many platforms immediately. You can reuse the sameContinue reading “Web vs. Native On Mobile: The Never Ending Struggle”