Web vs. Native On Mobile: The Never Ending Struggle

It seems to be an everlasting battle: what’s “better”: developing mobile nativeapplications or developing mobile web applications? Sadly, the answer is boring: it depends. What matters to you as the developer? Multiple-platform support. Web applications are a cheap way to go. Develop your application once, run on many platforms immediately. You can reuse the sameContinue reading “Web vs. Native On Mobile: The Never Ending Struggle”

InfoQ: Mobl a DSL for Mobile Web Development

After the InfoQ news article about mobl, I was invited to write a full-length article there as well. Well, I did, and here it is: 2900 words of mobl goodness: Application development for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets is popular. Apple’s AppStore (for iPhone, iPod and iPad) has over 350,000 applications andContinue reading “InfoQ: Mobl a DSL for Mobile Web Development”

Three Routes to Spaghetti-Free Javascript

_(If you are familiar with the problems of moving from synchronous to asynchronous programming, feel free to move to the next section.)_ **Update:** A lot of people misunderstood the main issue: [here is another shot at explaining it better.](https://zef.me/3753/planning-ahead-the-async-javascript-problem) Let’s build a script that determines the titles of a set of URLs. Let’s start simple,Continue reading “Three Routes to Spaghetti-Free Javascript”

Mobl Around the World

Brazil: Mobl: uma nova linguagem para a criação de aplicativos móveis Japan: これは凄いぞ!スマートフォン向けHTML5生成プログラミング言語「mobl」 China: Mobl — — 用于创建HTML移动应用程序的新DSL France: Mobl, un langage HTML5 pour le développement mobile Germany: mobl — Web-Applikationen für Android und iOS entwickeln

On Language Design: Semicolons or no semicolons?

(This is a cross-post from the mobl blog) When should I use semicolons (;) and when shouldn’t I in mobl? It’s a common question. Here’s the reasoning behind requiring semicolons in one context and none in the other. In mobl, semicolons signify imperative execution, i.e. execution from top to bottom. For instance: var n =Continue reading “On Language Design: Semicolons or no semicolons?”

Mobl on InfoQ

[InfoQ: Mobl — A New DSL for Creating HTML5 Mobile Applications](http://www.infoq.com/news/2011/02/Mobl):> Mobl is an external DSL targeted at creating cross-browser applications for mobile devices by compiling the code into HTML5, and it has been developed by Zef Hemel as part of his Ph.D. thesis in model-driven engineering and domain-specific languages, being inspired by the WebDSL project. InfoQContinue reading “Mobl on InfoQ”

Moving the Server to the Browser

I think that it’s well-established by now that the majority of desktop software will move to the browser at some point. It happened to e-mail, calendar, word processing and many more applications already. But here’s a crazy idea: what if we move the server to the browser as well? The past week I’ve been playingContinue reading “Moving the Server to the Browser”

Is the Mobile Pendulum Swinging From Apps to the Web?

[GigaOM](http://gigaom.com/2010/05/12/is-the-mobile-pendulum-swinging-from-apps-to-the-web/): > The number of mobile-friendly websites is increasing faster than expected, according to the latest data from Taptu, a touch-focused mobile search company. Not only is the touch web growing, it’s growing at a faster rate than Apple’s iTunes App Store, which currently has an annualized revenue rate of nearly a billion dollars.