persistence.js: An Asynchronous Javascript ORM for HTML5/Gears

The past week or two I have been developing an asynchronous object-relational mapper in Javascript, called persistence.js. Its main use-case, right now, is to simplify the database component of offline-capable web applications, like the mobile web applications that I’m working on. But with some tweaking it should also be usable in server-side applications, like node.jsContinue reading “persistence.js: An Asynchronous Javascript ORM for HTML5/Gears”

Task Switching and Open Development on the Apple iPad

In case you missed it, Apple launched the iPad yesterday. Essentially it’s a beautiful looking giant iPod Touch running the iPhone/iPod OS, slightly adapted to take better advantage of the bigger 10″ screen. It’s available at a remarkably (for Apply, and the hardware you get) low price starting at $499. Not only does it lookContinue reading “Task Switching and Open Development on the Apple iPad”