Facebook’s Project Spartan

While Facebook released its (http://www.facebook.com/videocalling) yesterday, something much more interesting may be coming, possibly later this month. It is called [Project Spartan](http://techcrunch.com/2011/06/15/facebook-project-spartan/). Our interpretation of [TechCrunch’s posts](http://techcrunch.com/2011/06/15/facebook-project-spartan/) about Spartan is that Facebook will do for mobile what it did for its regular web version before: upgrade its “application” status to “platform”. A few years agoContinue reading “Facebook’s Project Spartan”

Google’s New Mobile Tab Interaction

It’s always interesting to observe how regular desktop web interactions can be translated to mobile. With the launch of Google+ with accompanying mobile web app, Google has changed the tab bar along the top of their mobile web apps. At first sight, they seem to have shrunk significantly: When looking more closely you notice anContinue reading “Google’s New Mobile Tab Interaction”

Mobile Apps Are Bad At Mobile

David Singleton monitored his Internet connection while on a train journey. Most people have experienced what it is like using mobile Internet in a driving vehicle — it’s generally pretty unreliable. David found that the big issue is incidental latency. Latency can vary wildly, in his measurements between 100 milliseconds and 20 seconds. TCP does not dealContinue reading “Mobile Apps Are Bad At Mobile”

Are Web Apps An Insult To Users?

Web apps vs. native apps for mobile — this appears to be what everybody is talking about these days. I think native apps currently provide the best user experience, don’t you? As a user, given the choice between a web app and native app, which one would you pick? Unless you signed your life away to theContinue reading “Are Web Apps An Insult To Users?”

Web vs. Native On Mobile: The Never Ending Struggle

It seems to be an everlasting battle: what’s “better”: developing mobile nativeapplications or developing mobile web applications? Sadly, the answer is boring: it depends. What matters to you as the developer? Multiple-platform support. Web applications are a cheap way to go. Develop your application once, run on many platforms immediately. You can reuse the sameContinue reading “Web vs. Native On Mobile: The Never Ending Struggle”

Is the Mobile Pendulum Swinging From Apps to the Web?

[GigaOM](http://gigaom.com/2010/05/12/is-the-mobile-pendulum-swinging-from-apps-to-the-web/): > The number of mobile-friendly websites is increasing faster than expected, according to the latest data from Taptu, a touch-focused mobile search company. Not only is the touch web growing, it’s growing at a faster rate than Apple’s iTunes App Store, which currently has an annualized revenue rate of nearly a billion dollars.