Fixing Events in Javascript

Events are an integral part of Javascript programming. No matter if you use Javascript in the browser or on the server with [node.js](, you will be listening to, and perhaps trigger numerous events. Yesterday [I talked about Twitter’s Flight, which, I argued, might be pushing events too far]( Nevertheless, the fact that something can beContinue reading “Fixing Events in Javascript”

Objective-J and Cappuccino, with Francisco Tolmasky

280 North (bought by Motorolla) is the company behind the impressive 280 slides web-based presentation application (a la Keynote) and the framework it was built on: Cappuccino. Cappuccino is an oddball compared to other Javascript frameworks. First of all, it abstracts completely from HTML and CSS, and second of all: it’s not built using regularContinue reading “Objective-J and Cappuccino, with Francisco Tolmasky”

Microsoft to sponsor Windows version of node.js

From the node.js blog: I’m pleased to announce that Microsoft is partnering with Joyent in formally contributing resources towards porting Node to Windows. As you may have heard in a talk we gave earlier this year, we have started the undertaking of a native port to Windows — targeting the high-performance IOCP API. This requires a ratherContinue reading “Microsoft to sponsor Windows version of node.js”

Post-PhD Plans: Cloud 9 IDE

Starting September 1st I will be employed by, the Amsterdam based company that is developing Cloud 9 IDE — not to be confused with the similarly named Amsterdam-based soccer club. Why an IDE in “the cloud”? During the past decade more and more of the stuff we do every day has moved online: e-mail, word processing,Continue reading “Post-PhD Plans: Cloud 9 IDE”

Planning Ahead: the Async Javascript Problem

Yesterday [I posted about spaghetti-free Javascript code]( A [lot]( of [reactions]( [followed]( As it turns out, most people misunderstood my point. That’s probably my fault. Here is at again, more concisely: When you write Javascript you have to think ahead: in the code I’m about to write, is there going to be an asynchronous callContinue reading “Planning Ahead: the Async Javascript Problem”

Three Routes to Spaghetti-Free Javascript

_(If you are familiar with the problems of moving from synchronous to asynchronous programming, feel free to move to the next section.)_ **Update:** A lot of people misunderstood the main issue: [here is another shot at explaining it better.]( Let’s build a script that determines the titles of a set of URLs. Let’s start simple,Continue reading “Three Routes to Spaghetti-Free Javascript”

Moving the Server to the Browser

I think that it’s well-established by now that the majority of desktop software will move to the browser at some point. It happened to e-mail, calendar, word processing and many more applications already. But here’s a crazy idea: what if we move the server to the browser as well? The past week I’ve been playingContinue reading “Moving the Server to the Browser”