push-notify: Playing with iPhone push notifications

PushMail is a nice, reasonably priced (2.49 euro, so I guess that’s about $2.99) iPhone application that is intended to realize push mail notifications (see update of my GPush post). It does so by giving you an @dopushmail.com e-mail address. Any e-mail sent or forwarded to that address will not be stored, but rather pushedContinue reading “push-notify: Playing with iPhone push notifications”

Sync your iPhone or iPod with Google Calendar and Contacts

Google finally launches push synchronization for the iPhone and iPod touch: For iPhone and Windows Mobile devices, Google Sync allows you to get your Gmail contacts and Google Calendar events onto your phone. Sync uses push technology, which means that any changes you make to your calendar or contacts from the browser or phone willContinue reading “Sync your iPhone or iPod with Google Calendar and Contacts”

Apple’s iPhone patents and Palm’s Pre

Engadget has a very good in-depth analysis of the patent Apple recently received, which supposedly patents multi-touch (which Palm also implemented on its Pre phone). As it turns out, it’s all not as bad as it seemed initially. So where’s the “multitouch patent” everyone keeps going on about? Well, we certainly couldn’t find the sortContinue reading “Apple’s iPhone patents and Palm’s Pre”