push-notify: Playing with iPhone push notifications

PushMail is a nice, reasonably priced (2.49 euro, so I guess that’s about $2.99) iPhone application that is intended to realize push mail notifications (see update of my GPush post). It does so by giving you an @dopushmail.com e-mail address. Any e-mail sent or forwarded to that address will not be stored, but rather pushedContinue reading “push-notify: Playing with iPhone push notifications”

Tr.im-ming your way to sainthood

When I was 16 I ran a simple website listing free stuff available on the internet. Free stickers, free webspace, free e-mail. My site wasn’t the only one doing it, there were many others. Of course, I borrowed stuff listen on other sites, which was not always appreciated. One of my competitors felt threatened, andContinue reading “Tr.im-ming your way to sainthood”