Google’s New Mobile Tab Interaction

It’s always interesting to observe how regular desktop web interactions can be translated to mobile. With the launch of Google+ with accompanying mobile web app, Google has changed the tab bar along the top of their mobile web apps. At first sight, they seem to have shrunk significantly: When looking more closely you notice anContinue reading “Google’s New Mobile Tab Interaction”

Google and Design

User interaction design is possibly one of the [most difficult parts of software engineering]( . It is also an aspect that has not been the strong point of Google. Google’s strength is in its culture of algorithms and data analysis. The way to win an argument at Google it to _prove_ the other wrong withContinue reading “Google and Design”

Mobile Web Browsers Wars: iOS vs. Android

iOS 5 will be featuring a few new features that enable a better user-experience for web applications. Great news for those rooting for mobile web apps. [Matteo Spinelli (creator of iScroll) even claims]( that web apps are now completely ready to replace native apps on iOS: > The real revolution might be iOS5. In theContinue reading “Mobile Web Browsers Wars: iOS vs. Android”

CSS3 Makes DOM Unnecessary?

[Google to use HTML5 in Gmail]( (emphasis added):> Google’s current goal is to get Gmail to load in under a second. “Speed is a feature,” he said.>> Early tests have proved promising. For instance, Gmail looks for those browsers that can work with version 3 of the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), a standard closely relatedContinue reading “CSS3 Makes DOM Unnecessary?”


[pubsubhubbub]( — I’m not kidding — is an actual existing thing. Yeah, I too would have killed to be a fly on the wall when they decided to call it that, but there you go. So let’s dissect this piece of art of a name: * `pubsub`, i.e. pub/sub, i.e. [publish/subscribe](, which is a common pattern in, well, theContinue reading “Pubsubhub-frickin’-bub”