How Git Encourages Open Source Contribution

It is almost exactly 10 years ago that I released my first piece of open source software. The name of the project was YaBB and it was the first open source bulletin board/forum software written in Perl. Really — Perl? Yeah, that was the lingua franca of the web at that time — CGI baby! A few months afterContinue reading “How Git Encourages Open Source Contribution”

An Intro to Distributed Version Control

There are a multitude of reasons why distributed version control systems (like Mercurial and Git) are potentially preferable to centralized systems such as CVS and Subversion. One is that branching is cheaper and merging works much better. I only have anecdotal evidence of this. Frankly, I use Git only for personal projects (in the senseContinue reading “An Intro to Distributed Version Control”