That Dead Greek Dude and You

“Logos”, “pathos” and “ethos” are three ancient greek words often used by this ancient greek dude called Aristotle. He’s dead now. You’ll find that most native speakers of ancient greek are dead. Clearly a killer language. Anyhow, if you’re anything like me, when you hear “Aristotle” you think: boring, what have you done for meContinue reading “That Dead Greek Dude and You”

Dart: Web Fragmentation vs. Web Development Fragmentation

Remember Dart — that language that Google is developing to replace Javascript? Frankly, I haven’t given it much thought the past year. When I heard it being pitched as a “web scripting language that we can make run really fast” about a year ago by Lars Bak), I kind of dismissed it. I don’t find the abilityContinue reading “Dart: Web Fragmentation vs. Web Development Fragmentation”

Easily Manage Your Development Environment

Every time I start working on new project it takes me a significant amount of time to get up and running. You have to install all software dependencies, make sure they are located in the right place. Configure environment variables. Hope and pray that whatever requires compilation will compile correctly on my Mac version, withContinue reading “Easily Manage Your Development Environment”