Google Glass APIs Released

Google has released documentation to the Mirror APIs, the API to program against Google Glass. Google Glass, if you spent the past year living under a rock — and even if you didn’t — is Google’s “I’ve got a weird little thing on my glasses that gives me useful information” upcoming product. While Glass is supposedly powered by Android,Continue reading “Google Glass APIs Released”

InfoQ Editor

Last week I graduated the [InfoQ]( Editor Training Program ™ and I am now [officially an InfoQ]( editor. Previously I wrote [an article about mobl]( for InfoQ, and some videos featuring your sincerely were posted there. Now I’m part of the editing staff and will publish ~1 news post per week. You can [track myContinue reading “InfoQ Editor”

Fixing Events in Javascript

Events are an integral part of Javascript programming. No matter if you use Javascript in the browser or on the server with [node.js](, you will be listening to, and perhaps trigger numerous events. Yesterday [I talked about Twitter’s Flight, which, I argued, might be pushing events too far]( Nevertheless, the fact that something can beContinue reading “Fixing Events in Javascript”


This weekend I re-themed this site in preparation of its one decade anniversary (in less than a week). It now has a responsive design, so it should also look better on your mobile devices. It’s not exactly where I want it to be yet, but it’s getting there.