On My Own

I just realized I never posted about the “life changing event” that occurred April 1st on this blog. To quickly recap: as of April 2014 I became CEO, Sole Proprietor and Sanitary Manager of Caelum, a software product company that produces Zed. The business model that I cooked up is experimental: everything is open source,Continue reading “On My Own”

Who Needs Git When You Got ZFS?

This post is also available in Japanese. I’ve been playing a little bit with ZFS, Oracle’s (previously Sun’s) next-generation file system. Originally developed for Solaris, but since it’s open source also ported to Linux (as of 0.6.1 considered stable for production use) and Mac. While called a file system, ZFS is also a volume manager,Continue reading “Who Needs Git When You Got ZFS?”

Deploying a Simple Node.js Application with NixOps

In a previous post I described how Nix could be used to easily set up a development environment without the use of virtual machines alternatives like Vagrant require. As an example I used setting up a development environment for a simple “Hello world” node.js application. At the very end I teased that the work weContinue reading “Deploying a Simple Node.js Application with NixOps”

Firefox OS at its Peak: Upgrading Gaia on Your Geeksphone

I received my Geeksphone Peak Firefox OS Developer device today. Firefox OS consists of two core parts: Boot2Gecko, which is essentially a Gecko rendering engine stapled on top of the Linux (Android) kernel Gaia, which is the HTML/JS/CSS front-end The Geeksphones are aimed at developers, so you’ll want to live on the bleeding edge (andContinue reading “Firefox OS at its Peak: Upgrading Gaia on Your Geeksphone”

If you read only one thing about Bitcoin, read this

I’ve been following Bitcoin, the cryptographic currency, for a year or two, but I still learned a lot about it from this article by Felix Salmon. There’s two angles to Bitcoin: the technical angle (how does it work, why does it work) and the economic angle. Felix Salmon does an excellent job at covering theContinue reading “If you read only one thing about Bitcoin, read this”

Amazon Sure Knows How to Scale: 2 Trillion Objects, 1.1 million reqs/s on S3

Wow… Last June I blogged about the first trillion objects stored in Amazon S3. On the first day of re:Invent I updated that number to 1.3 trillion. It is time for another update! I’m pleased to announce that there are now more than 2 trillion (2 x 1012) objects stored in Amazon S3 and thatContinue reading “Amazon Sure Knows How to Scale: 2 Trillion Objects, 1.1 million reqs/s on S3”