Objective-J and Cappuccino, with Francisco Tolmasky

280 North (bought by Motorolla) is the company behind the impressive 280 slides web-based presentation application (a la Keynote) and the framework it was built on: Cappuccino. Cappuccino is an oddball compared to other Javascript frameworks. First of all, it abstracts completely from HTML and CSS, and second of all: it’s not built using regularContinue reading “Objective-J and Cappuccino, with Francisco Tolmasky”

JSIL: Compile .NET to Javascript

As if compiling LLVM bytecode to Javascript wasn’t crazy enough there is now the JSIL, a project by Mozilla engineer Kevin Gadd. JSIL compiles CIL (.NET’s bytecode format) to readable Javascript. For instance, after compiling the following C# code using the C# compiler to CIL: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; public static class Program { publicContinue reading “JSIL: Compile .NET to Javascript”

Streamlined Asynchronous JavaScript, with Bruno Jouhier

Javascript is a language that has come a long way since Brendan Eich implemented it in 10 days in the mid-nineties. Until a few years ago it was mainly used to build drop-down menus on website, but since the advent of — what we now refer to as — AJAX, Javascript has started to be taken more seriously asContinue reading “Streamlined Asynchronous JavaScript, with Bruno Jouhier”