From the Armchair

The distance trap “That sounds like something an automated test should have caught.” “If you cannot catch a basic bug like this, then what the hell is QA doing?” “If you would just add step X to your process, you wouldn’t have this issue.” Distance simplifies things. On the abstract, everything is easy; when you getContinue reading “From the Armchair”

Seek first to understand

Or: why is nobody listening to me!? Does this sound familiar? “They just do whatever they want.” “They don’t listen to our suggestions, whatever we try.” “Whatever they say goes.” “They talk as we’re not even here.” “They micro manage us all the time, we get to make no decisions.” If this does sound familiar toContinue reading “Seek first to understand”

Video Call Essentials

TL;DR: Camera on. Microphone on. Go. For my entire industrial career my work relied on effective video calls. I started working as a remote employee for three years, then as a “local” employee, but communicating a lot with remote customers on a day-to-day basis. Today, too, a lot of my time is spent communicating withContinue reading “Video Call Essentials”

Brilliant, But Stuck

You’re one of them — one of those 10x developers. The cream of the crop. You know how to build things, and build them well. Technical challenges don’t scare you — you got a track record of getting them done. People like working with you, because they know they will learn from you. In fact, people join whichever companyContinue reading “Brilliant, But Stuck”