Note to self: Things to Consider When Switching Back from Android to iOS

Dear Zef, We both know you will read this note one day — perhaps sooner than later. You being you, you will decide once more that Apple is much cooler than Google, and it’s time to go all-in on Apple products again. More specifically it’s time to buy and iPhone once more and get rid of yourContinue reading “Note to self: Things to Consider When Switching Back from Android to iOS”

TwUI: Twitter’s Hardware Accelerated UI Toolkit

[Twitter open sources the Mac toolkit]( that they used to build the [Twitter Mac app]( (formerly known as Tweetie): > Until now, there was not a simple and effective way to design interactive, hardware-accelerated interfaces on the Mac. Core Animation can create hardware-accelerated drawings, but doesn’t provide interaction mechanisms. AppKit and NSView have excellent interactionContinue reading “TwUI: Twitter’s Hardware Accelerated UI Toolkit”

Mobile Web Browsers Wars: iOS vs. Android

iOS 5 will be featuring a few new features that enable a better user-experience for web applications. Great news for those rooting for mobile web apps. [Matteo Spinelli (creator of iScroll) even claims]( that web apps are now completely ready to replace native apps on iOS: > The real revolution might be iOS5. In theContinue reading “Mobile Web Browsers Wars: iOS vs. Android”

Task Switching and Open Development on the Apple iPad

In case you missed it, Apple launched the iPad yesterday. Essentially it’s a beautiful looking giant iPod Touch running the iPhone/iPod OS, slightly adapted to take better advantage of the bigger 10″ screen. It’s available at a remarkably (for Apply, and the hardware you get) low price starting at $499. Not only does it lookContinue reading “Task Switching and Open Development on the Apple iPad”

Apple’s iPhone patents and Palm’s Pre

Engadget has a very good in-depth analysis of the patent Apple recently received, which supposedly patents multi-touch (which Palm also implemented on its Pre phone). As it turns out, it’s all not as bad as it seemed initially. So where’s the “multitouch patent” everyone keeps going on about? Well, we certainly couldn’t find the sortContinue reading “Apple’s iPhone patents and Palm’s Pre”