Note to self: Things to Consider When Switching Back from Android to iOS

Dear Zef, We both know you will read this note one day — perhaps sooner than later. You being you, you will decide once more that Apple is much cooler than Google, and it’s time to go all-in on Apple products again. More specifically it’s time to buy and iPhone once more and get rid of yourContinue reading “Note to self: Things to Consider When Switching Back from Android to iOS”

Mobile Web Browsers Wars: iOS vs. Android

iOS 5 will be featuring a few new features that enable a better user-experience for web applications. Great news for those rooting for mobile web apps. [Matteo Spinelli (creator of iScroll) even claims]( that web apps are now completely ready to replace native apps on iOS: > The real revolution might be iOS5. In theContinue reading “Mobile Web Browsers Wars: iOS vs. Android”

MWC: No Android news yet

InformationWeek reports that half a day into the Mobile World Coference in Barcelona many phones have been announced, however, none running Google’s Android. 2009 was supposed to be the year of Android, is it actually going to happen? We’re only halfway through the first day at Mobile World Congress and already things are looking bleakContinue reading “MWC: No Android news yet”