So, You Want to be an Engineering Manager

For sure? If you would have told me 7 years ago I’d end up in management, I’m not sure I would have been happy with the prospect. I always considered myself a hardcore tech guy, perhaps not a nerd, but at least geeky. I started programming when I was 9, and did barely anything elseContinue reading “So, You Want to be an Engineering Manager”

From the Armchair

The distance trap “That sounds like something an automated test should have caught.” “If you cannot catch a basic bug like this, then what the hell is QA doing?” “If you would just add step X to your process, you wouldn’t have this issue.” Distance simplifies things. On the abstract, everything is easy; when you getContinue reading “From the Armchair”

Getting value out of “I quit!”

Artist rendering of reality Contrary to popular belief, management isn’t all roses. At the top of my list of least favorite parts is people quitting on me. That’s right, this does happen. Luckily not a lot, but given enough time and scale, this will happen to every manager at some point. This is tough, because, IContinue reading “Getting value out of “I quit!””

Seek first to understand

Or: why is nobody listening to me!? Does this sound familiar? “They just do whatever they want.” “They don’t listen to our suggestions, whatever we try.” “Whatever they say goes.” “They talk as we’re not even here.” “They micro manage us all the time, we get to make no decisions.” If this does sound familiar toContinue reading “Seek first to understand”

Disciplined Continuous Improvement

Three techniques to constantly keep moving forward Most cheesy picture I could find Googling for “continuous improvement” The best teams I’ve worked with in my career share one thing in common: they’re very disciplined about improving themselves (as people and as a team), how they work (process), and their environment (the other parts of the organizationContinue reading “Disciplined Continuous Improvement”