What does success look like?

This happens too often: Employee has an idea for a new initiative (e.g. feature, workshop, hackathon, event storming session, newsletter, offsite, recurring meeting). Manager: “That’s great, we support initiatives, let’s do it!” Initiative happens; people participate; success is declared: “Initiative happened, lots of people participated, it was a success!” Was it, though? It’s quite oftenContinue reading “What does success look like?”

Books that Changed Everything: “Thank You for Arguing”

There are a couple of books that I reread, every year or few years. I reread them, because they contain ideas that have had a huge impact on me. An impact either on my thinking, life and work philosophy, or ways to get things done. As I write this, I’m on my way back fromContinue reading “Books that Changed Everything: “Thank You for Arguing””

The Making Of: My Most Brilliant Ideas

The dump-engage-merge cycle It’s rare, but sometimes I struggle to find a good solution to a problem. However, I found a very simple technique to help me in such situations, and it’s very straightforward to execute. I usually apply it during 1:1s, but if you don’t have direct reports, I suppose you can do itContinue reading “The Making Of: My Most Brilliant Ideas”

So, You Want to be an Engineering Manager

For sure? If you would have told me 7 years ago I’d end up in management, I’m not sure I would have been happy with the prospect. I always considered myself a hardcore tech guy, perhaps not a nerd, but at least geeky. I started programming when I was 9, and did barely anything elseContinue reading “So, You Want to be an Engineering Manager”

Ryder (PAW Patrol) Management Super Talent

Ever since PAW patrol launched on TVs world wide in 2013, the management world has been buzzing about Ryder, the human leader of five puppies responsible for saving various inhabitants of their local village. Ryder’s excellent attitude, swift decision making, and driver of the patrol’s creative culture, leaves many managers, including yours truly in awe.Continue reading “Ryder (PAW Patrol) Management Super Talent”