Time to Value: The One Metric to Optimize

Time to Value: The One Metric to Optimize

Re:Invent happened two weeks ago, and usual there was a lot of good content there. One talk I would recommend to this audience is “Innovation at speed” by Adrian Crockford, which gives some insight into various aspects of cloud-enabled innovation, but also explains a bit how AWS is structured internally. However, the key message is about the Time to Value metric:

How much time does it take to go from idea to value for customers? One year? One month? One week? One day? One hour? The lower the number, the faster you can innovate. In order to head to a number in the hours, your whole process needs to be automated and streamlined end to end. If you only look at one metric to measure how fast you can innovate — time to value should be it.

There’s some other parts of this talk that stuck with me.

The importance of company culture and values. Crockford describes Netflix and Amazon as examples.

BusProdDevOps — While many companies are still struggling to integrate their developers and operational functions into one (DevOps), Amazon runs way ahead by merging Product and Business into their same 2 pizza teams as well.

You can watch the whole session on YouTube. There is also a PDF small book version of this talk called “Cloud for CEOs: Measure innovation with one metric” (guess which metric that is).