Airpods — a head-turning product

Look ma, no wires!

A little while ago the wires of my lightning earbuds started to crack, so I decided to take the plunge and buy myself some AirPods. That’s right, the EarPods without the wires.

And I love them. Honestly, this is Apple at its best. They’re super easy to use (you can connect them to any Apple device by simply holding them next to them, and tapping a button). If you don’t wear them, you keep them in a little box, which also doubles as a charger. The box itself can in turn be charged through a lightning cable (of we already have plenty in the house). The sound quality is good. And did I mention there are no more wires? You have no idea how much frustration that saves no longer having to pull cords through under your shirt… like an animal.

There is only one issue. Just one.

Wearing them, you look like a dork.

And that’s ok. Looking like a dork is relative. As long as everybody else looks like a dork, your relative dorkiness maintains sustainable levels. But where I live, I’ve only seen one other person wearing them. So my relative dorkiness is high. I notice this just about everywhere. Walking on the street. Sitting in a tram. People look at you thinking “what the hell did that dude do to his earphones?”

But I’m not going to give in. I will have to train this city of half a million people on how this is the future. That this is the new normal. That this is the new cool.

I’m just ahead of the curve.

Down on the slope of a steep, giant-ass curve.

(Not to be confused with a giant ass-curve).