Tech Radar May 2017

The technologies I keep an eye on and find interesting evolve over time. I thought it could be interesting to share the things I’m currently seeing, thinking about, and playing with. The things on my technological radar, if you will.

Here’s my list for this month. Previous editions can be found here.


Not new by a long shot, but very much on my radar right now, as you will have guessed based on the past few days.

Why I like it? It’s declarative, it’s understandable, and it’s infrastructure. I love infrastructure.


Talking about infrastructure, we deployed a nice simple piece of infrastructure (to support on-prem log shipping into our Kafka+ELK logging stack) that I wrote a little while back to production. Seemed like a perfect fit for Go, which seems to be the de-facto standard in infra programming these days. So far: seems stable and plenty fast. Doing programming in a strongly typed language feels nice and safe.

Alpine Linux

For an on-prem product at work we’re preparing VM images for customers to deploy. For this we’re now using Alpine Linux. In the docker community Alpine is generally used a base image, to achieve minimal docker image sizes. But Alpine can be deployed as a host OS as well, it is a full-blown (though minimal) Linux distrubtion. Our product runs entirely in docker, so we don’t need much from the host OS other than a recent kernel and up-to-date docker distribution — Alpine offers just that, and as a result our downloadable .ova comes down to barely 200MB.