Making a Super Team

Turning “programmers” into “product engineers” For the last couple of months we had a DevOps guy in our team. This is still unusual in our organization, most DevOps aren’t assigned to specific teams, they just work in a separate DevOps department that does work for various projects. The approach we took — which I think worked outContinue reading “Making a Super Team”

Video Call Essentials

TL;DR: Camera on. Microphone on. Go. For my entire industrial career my work relied on effective video calls. I started working as a remote employee for three years, then as a “local” employee, but communicating a lot with remote customers on a day-to-day basis. Today, too, a lot of my time is spent communicating withContinue reading “Video Call Essentials”

“Don’t You Miss Programming?”

Why I wouldn’t want to go back being a developer Look at me — I’m a manager! It’s the first thing people ask me when they find out that I used to be one of them. “Don’t you miss it? I hear you were pretty good, why did you switch to management, did they force you?” Good question.Continue reading ““Don’t You Miss Programming?””