Deploying a Simple Node.js Application with NixOps

In a previous post I described how Nix could be used to easily set up a development environment without the use of virtual machines alternatives like Vagrant require. As an example I used setting up a development environment for a simple “Hello world” node.js application. At the very end I teased that the work weContinue reading “Deploying a Simple Node.js Application with NixOps”

Firefox OS at its Peak: Upgrading Gaia on Your Geeksphone

I received my Geeksphone Peak Firefox OS Developer device today. Firefox OS consists of two core parts: Boot2Gecko, which is essentially a Gecko rendering engine stapled on top of the Linux (Android) kernel Gaia, which is the HTML/JS/CSS front-end The Geeksphones are aimed at developers, so you’ll want to live on the bleeding edge (andContinue reading “Firefox OS at its Peak: Upgrading Gaia on Your Geeksphone”