If you read only one thing about Bitcoin, read this

I’ve been following Bitcoin, the cryptographic currency, for a year or two, but I still learned a lot about it from this article by Felix Salmon. There’s two angles to Bitcoin: the technical angle (how does it work, why does it work) and the economic angle. Felix Salmon does an excellent job at covering theContinue reading “If you read only one thing about Bitcoin, read this”

Amazon Sure Knows How to Scale: 2 Trillion Objects, 1.1 million reqs/s on S3

Wow… Last June I blogged about the first trillion objects stored in Amazon S3. On the first day of re:Invent I updated that number to 1.3 trillion. It is time for another update! I’m pleased to announce that there are now more than 2 trillion (2 x 1012) objects stored in Amazon S3 and thatContinue reading “Amazon Sure Knows How to Scale: 2 Trillion Objects, 1.1 million reqs/s on S3”

John Siracusa on eBook Publishing

As I mentioned before, I’m listening to the entire Hypercritical podcast backlog. Absolutely worth it. Sadly, I’m getting closer to the end. Episode #85 is a great episode about the publishing procedure of the e-book (ePub, Kindle) versions of John’s amazing OS X reviews. The amount of problems he encountered is pretty interesting to listenContinue reading “John Siracusa on eBook Publishing”

Google Glass APIs Released

Google has released documentation to the Mirror APIs, the API to program against Google Glass. Google Glass, if you spent the past year living under a rock — and even if you didn’t — is Google’s “I’ve got a weird little thing on my glasses that gives me useful information” upcoming product. While Glass is supposedly powered by Android,Continue reading “Google Glass APIs Released”