A Decade of Blogging

Today, it’s a decade ago that I wrote my very first blog post. That first post is a memorable one, one I often re-read for inspiration:

I just installed my weblog, here I will post all kinds of stuff, you’ll see what’ll come.

There’s a few things I like about this first post:

  1. It’s just so true: I did post all kinds of stuff, and you — the reader — didsee what would come. It was like I could look into the future.
  2. It’s so concise and to the point, a thing that dwindled over time. Most of my recent posts are well over 1000 words each.

One thing that I would not have predicted is that a decade later this blog would still exist — although it varied greatly in post volume from year to year.

Over the past 10 years I wrote a little over 1.6k blog posts. Totaling over 396k words. According to the Huffington Post — my main source of truth — the average length of a novel is 64,531 words. Incidentally, this is so similar to 65,536) that this cannot be a coincidence. This means that I wrote over 6 average-length novels worth of words over the past years on this site alone. That does not count the PhD thesis I also wrote during this time.

A lot has happened the past decade. And quite frankly, reading many of my earlier posts is a painful experience. For all of you who sat through it all this time: respect.

On to the century milestone!