Fixing Events in Javascript

Events are an integral part of Javascript programming. No matter if you use Javascript in the browser or on the server with [node.js](, you will be listening to, and perhaps trigger numerous events. Yesterday [I talked about Twitter’s Flight, which, I argued, might be pushing events too far]( Nevertheless, the fact that something can beContinue reading “Fixing Events in Javascript”

Decoupling: Events vs. Dependency Injection

Twitter open sourced Flight: “a lightweight, component-based JavaScript framework from Twitter”. Its killer feature: develop components that are loosely coupled, through the power of events. Cool, right? We all love events. Events are a powerful idea. They give you a nice way to decouple, and a great way to support extensibility in your software, byContinue reading “Decoupling: Events vs. Dependency Injection”


This weekend I re-themed this site in preparation of its one decade anniversary (in less than a week). It now has a responsive design, so it should also look better on your mobile devices. It’s not exactly where I want it to be yet, but it’s getting there.