I’ve interested in, and been listening to podcasts for 8 years. My very first book contribution was a “how to” on podcasting. A lot has happened since then and I must have spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours listening to podcasts.

Yet, it was only about a month ago I discovered Hypercritical, a few episodes before it it is to be cancelled — sadly. Hypercritical is hosted by John Siracusa. Who’s that? you may ask. Well, that’s the guy who does the wildly elaborate Mac OS X reviews for Ars Technica every time a new version comes out. After listening to a few episodes (around episode #95), I decided to do something I have never done before with a podcast: rewind and start listening to every single episode starting at #1.

It’s good stuff, and while some of the early podcasts are a bit dated (recorded in 2010), it’s still very insightful, super high quality stuff. A particular gem, which triggered this post is episode #14: A Dark Age of of Objective-C about why Apple needs to come up with a more modern runtime, API and programming language for its platform.

Hypercritical is mostly Apple related, so if you’re into that sort of thing, give it a listen.