Node.js and The Case of the Blocked Event Loop

In Pick Your Battles I listed a few problems that we had in our production deployment of a big node.js codebase. Some people asked me to elaborate on one in particular: “Oh, our node.js server processes seem to freeze up for a long time (seconds) from time to time, why does that happen?” So, whyContinue reading “Node.js and The Case of the Blocked Event Loop”

Message Queue-Based Load Balancing

When you run a big mission critical web app, you have to two big challenges on the operational side: Handling failure — failure is all around: servers fail, processes crash, datacenters blow up. Scaling as traffic increases and decreases. A tool in use by practically everybody to solve both of these challenges are load balancers. Here’s howContinue reading “Message Queue-Based Load Balancing”

Zef’s Law

Wikipedia on Murphy’s law: Murphy’s law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. Actually, the way I always heard Murphy’s law be formulated is “Everything that can go wrong with eventually go wrong.” However he said it, after running operations and release management forContinue reading “Zef’s Law”