Reality Distortion through Text

One of Steve Jobs’ most amazing traits was the ability to “invoke” a reality distortion field. He did it many a time. He went on stage, pitched his new product and even though you didn’t need it at all — you’d feel deep inside that in fact you really did. You had to have it.

According to his biography, Steve did this in many aspects of his life. Not just on stage, but also during meetings and even with his disease. In the later case that did not work out so well.

I always wondered — what is the essence of this distortion field? Could I do that, or is it Steve-specific? Does it require you hearing him, seeing him, or could he do the same thing through text? Yeah. Would it be possible to convince somebody of about anything as long as you would pitch it the right way in text, online? Is it about the pitch, or is it more than that? Can you somehow perfect a writing style that does that?

Since then I made an attempt or two, of really working on pitching an idea justright. Perfecting it in every possible way. Attempting to describe it in such a way that you simply could not disagree. And I think, at times, I did pretty well. But then I found out the reality of an online audience.

They don’t read this far. TL;DR.