Everything “In The Cloud”

Here’s what I use my computer for:

* Browsing the web
* Email
* Twitter, Facebook, …
* Listening to music
* Watching video
* Chat/call/skype
* Developing software

I realized that all of these take place “in the cloud” (distributed on multiple servers across on the internet) today. There’s very little vital data that I still store locally on my harddrive.

Browsing the web, email, twitter, Facebook is all online, all this data is in the cloud. I do most of my music listening on [Spotify](http://www.spotify.com), which also stores my playlists, and have my iTunes Music directory backed-up on [Dropbox](http://www.dropbox.com). Recently I have been uploading almost all my documents to [Google Docs](http://docs.google.com) as well as some video content (which I can now stream from my Docs account). Chatting and calling is also all online, using Skype, IRC and Google Talk.

Last Thursday I started my job at [Cloud9 IDE, Inc.](http://wwww.cloud9ide.com) who build the Cloud9 IDE — which, you guessed it, enables you to develop software in the cloud.

I think I can truthfully say that if my laptop breaks down right now, it really wouldn’t matter. I wouldn’t lose any important data.