Luna is a new language TJ Holowaychuk is working on. Its goals are stated as follows: The current goals of Luna are the following: small, simple, expressive, and explicit syntax fast, fast, and fast robust reflection capabilities opt-in callee evaluated messages register based VM embeddable Luna — not to be confused with Asana’s Luna — borrows ideas from numerousContinue reading “Luna”

Clojure Support on Heroku

Heroku is known for its [Ruby]( hosting and later added [node.js support]( as well. Now, [Heroku also supports Clojure]( > We’re very excited to announce official support for [Clojure](, going into public beta as of today. Clojure is the third official language supported by Heroku, and is available on the [Cedar stack]( [Clojure]( is aContinue reading “Clojure Support on Heroku”

Facebook’s Project Spartan

While Facebook released its ( yesterday, something much more interesting may be coming, possibly later this month. It is called [Project Spartan]( Our interpretation of [TechCrunch’s posts]( about Spartan is that Facebook will do for mobile what it did for its regular web version before: upgrade its “application” status to “platform”. A few years agoContinue reading “Facebook’s Project Spartan”

TwUI: Twitter’s Hardware Accelerated UI Toolkit

[Twitter open sources the Mac toolkit]( that they used to build the [Twitter Mac app]( (formerly known as Tweetie): > Until now, there was not a simple and effective way to design interactive, hardware-accelerated interfaces on the Mac. Core Animation can create hardware-accelerated drawings, but doesn’t provide interaction mechanisms. AppKit and NSView have excellent interactionContinue reading “TwUI: Twitter’s Hardware Accelerated UI Toolkit”

Objective-J and Cappuccino, with Francisco Tolmasky

280 North (bought by Motorolla) is the company behind the impressive 280 slides web-based presentation application (a la Keynote) and the framework it was built on: Cappuccino. Cappuccino is an oddball compared to other Javascript frameworks. First of all, it abstracts completely from HTML and CSS, and second of all: it’s not built using regularContinue reading “Objective-J and Cappuccino, with Francisco Tolmasky”

Google’s New Mobile Tab Interaction

It’s always interesting to observe how regular desktop web interactions can be translated to mobile. With the launch of Google+ with accompanying mobile web app, Google has changed the tab bar along the top of their mobile web apps. At first sight, they seem to have shrunk significantly: When looking more closely you notice anContinue reading “Google’s New Mobile Tab Interaction”

JSIL: Compile .NET to Javascript

As if compiling LLVM bytecode to Javascript wasn’t crazy enough there is now the JSIL, a project by Mozilla engineer Kevin Gadd. JSIL compiles CIL (.NET’s bytecode format) to readable Javascript. For instance, after compiling the following C# code using the C# compiler to CIL: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; public static class Program { publicContinue reading “JSIL: Compile .NET to Javascript”