Microsoft to sponsor Windows version of node.js

From the node.js blog:

I’m pleased to announce that Microsoft is partnering with Joyent in formally contributing resources towards porting Node to Windows. As you may have heard in a talk we gave earlier this year, we have started the undertaking of a native port to Windows — targeting the high-performance IOCP API.

This requires a rather large modification of the core structure, and we’re very happy to have official guidance and engineering resources from Microsoft. Rackspace is also contributing Bert Belder’s time to this undertaking.

The result will be an official binary node.exe releases on, which will work on Windows Azure and other Windows versions as far back as Server 2003.

node.js has become the de-facto server Javascript implementation. It was already available on most Unix-based operating systems and with the introduction of a Windows port, it becomes a true cross-platform tool.

It could be time to consider node.js for localhost server applications: applications that need a client-side server component, but do not rely on a desktop native UI. Examples could be peer-to-peer style applications, or synchronization software like Dropbox. A localhost web front-end could be used to communicate with the local node.js and you’d get the same code sharing benefits of Javascript.