Streamlined Asynchronous JavaScript, with Bruno Jouhier

Javascript is a language that has come a long way since Brendan Eich implemented it in 10 days in the mid-nineties. Until a few years ago it was mainly used to build drop-down menus on website, but since the advent of — what we now refer to as — AJAX, Javascript has started to be taken more seriously asContinue reading “Streamlined Asynchronous JavaScript, with Bruno Jouhier”

Post-PhD Plans: Cloud 9 IDE

Starting September 1st I will be employed by, the Amsterdam based company that is developing Cloud 9 IDE — not to be confused with the similarly named Amsterdam-based soccer club. Why an IDE in “the cloud”? During the past decade more and more of the stuff we do every day has moved online: e-mail, word processing,Continue reading “Post-PhD Plans: Cloud 9 IDE”