Mobl on InfoQ

[InfoQ: Mobl — A New DSL for Creating HTML5 Mobile Applications](
> Mobl is an external DSL targeted at creating cross-browser applications for mobile devices by compiling the code into HTML5, and it has been developed by Zef Hemel as part of his Ph.D. thesis in model-driven engineering and domain-specific languages, being inspired by the WebDSL project. InfoQ has discussed with Hemel in an attempt to find out more about this approach to writing mobile apps.

Cool. I also got an invitation to write a full article for InfoQ, so you can look forward to that, hopefully. Nice words in the comments as well:

> A beautiful example of what can be achieved when a small and coherent group of people (or just one mind) implement their vision starting with a clean slate — just capitalizing on existing experience and knowledge but not being encumbered by backwards compatibility.

It has been a good week for mobl.