Mobl Around the World

Brazil: Mobl: uma nova linguagem para a criação de aplicativos móveis Japan: これは凄いぞ!スマートフォン向けHTML5生成プログラミング言語「mobl」 China: Mobl — — 用于创建HTML移动应用程序的新DSL France: Mobl, un langage HTML5 pour le développement mobile Germany: mobl — Web-Applikationen für Android und iOS entwickeln

On Language Design: Semicolons or no semicolons?

(This is a cross-post from the mobl blog) When should I use semicolons (;) and when shouldn’t I in mobl? It’s a common question. Here’s the reasoning behind requiring semicolons in one context and none in the other. In mobl, semicolons signify imperative execution, i.e. execution from top to bottom. For instance: var n =Continue reading “On Language Design: Semicolons or no semicolons?”

Mobl on InfoQ

[InfoQ: Mobl — A New DSL for Creating HTML5 Mobile Applications](> Mobl is an external DSL targeted at creating cross-browser applications for mobile devices by compiling the code into HTML5, and it has been developed by Zef Hemel as part of his Ph.D. thesis in model-driven engineering and domain-specific languages, being inspired by the WebDSL project. InfoQContinue reading “Mobl on InfoQ”


Who came up with this one, seriously? getInteger public static Integer getInteger(String nm) Determines the integer value of the system property with the specified name. The first argument is treated as the name of a system property. System properties are accessible through the System.getProperty(java.lang.String) method. The string value of this property is then interpreted asContinue reading “Integer.getInteger()”