Quora is Qool

Quora is the new hot new thing, started by a couple of former Facebook engineers. It’s a wiki-style question and answer site, somewhat similar to the StackExchange sites, except not focused on a particular topic, and with some of the usual social network features. You can follow people and topics, for instance.

What kind of topics? Both broad and niche. Here’s some that I follow:

As well as some interesting questions:

etc. etc.

Technically, Quora is extremely well executed. It has excellent search for topics and questions. Real-time updates. A very well executed way of linking to topics, people and other questions. There’s also quite a few high-profile tech company people there, including many Amazon, Twitter and Facebook engineers.

I’m really liking it a lot. Asking a question is more or less anonymous, so you there’s no such as looking stupid asking a dumb question. And sharing your knowledge by answering questions is always a satisfying thing to do. Give it a shot!