mobl 101

Yesterday I posted the slides of my 41 minute long lecture about [mobl]( I also recorded video of it (through my MacBook’s webcam) and the result is acceptable enough to publish. So, if you have some time to spare, here’s me presenting mobl to a group of our students, a demo is included:

Mobl Lecture from Zef Hemel on Vimeo.

In a nutshell, mobl is a new language to develop mobile applications using web technologies. It’s a statically typed language that compiles down to Javascript and HTML.

Some interesting features:

* Automatically transforms synchronous code to [asynchronous code]( using [continuation-passing style transformation](
* [Reactive programming]( support
* Built as an Eclipse plug-in
* Compile on save. Simply make changes to your application, save the file and reload it in the mobile browser.
* Syntax similar to WebDSL and Javascript.



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There is no release yet, if you feel very adventurous, you can install [Spoofax]( and then clone the [mobl git repo]( to try it out.