Spoofax Talk

For the past month or two I’ve been working on [mobl](http://github.com/zefhemel/mobl), a [DSL for the mobile domain](https://zef.me/2693/lets-build-a-dsl). It is the first larger DSL to be developed completely using [Spoofax/IMP](http://strategoxt.org/Spoofax/) (site is down at the moment, due to a power outage at the TU Delft). Spoofax is our new tool for developing domain-specific languages complete with Eclipse plug-ins. It’s based on [SDF](http://meta.cwi-incubator.nl/Meta-Environment/SDF) and [Stratego](http://strategoxt.org) and the Eclipse and Java integration makes it a much more user-friendly and nicer experience, both for the language’s users and their developers.

Recently, [Eelco Visser](http://blog.eelcovisser.net/) (my “boss”) gave a talk at the IFIP WG 2.11 meeting in St Andrews about Spoofax. He just [posted a video of his talk](http://blog.eelcovisser.net/index.php?/archives/128-Spoofax-The-Language-Workbench.html) in which he demonstrates a simplified version of WebDSL (called NWL) and its implementation. May be interesting to those who prefer watching a video over reading a manual or paper.

It’s still too early to discuss `mobl` in detail, but here’s a teaser screenshot showing a snippet of the language (at the left), and the Javascript that it is compiled to at the right (which updates whenever the source file is saved, similar to Eclipse’s Java compilation behavior):