On Buzz

I’m not sure what to think about Google Buzz. On one hand it’s yet another place to post stuff (links, pictures, thoughts etc.), on the other hand it is quite a bit richer than Twitter, which I currently use for this purpose. Sure, it doesn’t have what’s one of twitter’s strengths I think: the 140 character limit, but it does have other stuff like a photo upload, location, a commenting system, the ability to “like” stuff, which provides the system with valuable information that can be used to filter, or at least prioritize future buzzes (or whatever they’re called).

Incidentally, if you’re not already following me on Buzz, do so now!

What Buzz is definitely not good for right now is following popular people; people that get loads of comments on every buzz, meaning these buzzes jump to the top all the time. But I’m sure that will be fixed.

Buzz is likely to go a bit more mainstream than Twitter, which will mean that my wife, mom and dad are likely to start using at some point. Should they really be following me though. I’m likely to push out stuff that they really do not care about (like work related things). Currently this is why I use both facebook and twitter. Facebook is for personal things. Twitter for work/hobby. What should I use Buzz for, if anything? Time will tell.

Anyway, my point is: follow me on buzz.