Markdown in WordPress

Alright, after using various WYSIWYG editors in [WordPress]( (which I use to to write this blog), I got fed up and decided to switch to [Markdown]( There are a couple of plug-ins to make this happen, in fact I’m using three, together they make using Markdown pretty nice in wordpress. * “Markdown for WordPress andContinue reading “Markdown in WordPress”

An Intro to Distributed Version Control

There are a multitude of reasons why distributed version control systems (like Mercurial and Git) are potentially preferable to centralized systems such as CVS and Subversion. One is that branching is cheaper and merging works much better. I only have anecdotal evidence of this. Frankly, I use Git only for personal projects (in the senseContinue reading “An Intro to Distributed Version Control”

Javascript: A Language in Search of a Standard Library and Module System

Array Boolean Date Error EvalError Function Math Number Object RangeError ReferenceError RegExp String SyntaxError TypeError URIError Recognize that? Yes indeed, it’s the complete list of standard Javascript objects of Javascript 1.5. 16 objects, of which 7 are error objects. Of course, this is just the Javascript language by itself. In practice Javascript executes inside aContinue reading “Javascript: A Language in Search of a Standard Library and Module System”

On Buzz

I’m not sure what to think about Google Buzz. On one hand it’s yet another place to post stuff (links, pictures, thoughts etc.), on the other hand it is quite a bit richer than Twitter, which I currently use for this purpose. Sure, it doesn’t have what’s one of twitter’s strengths I think: the 140Continue reading “On Buzz”

On Language Design: Making Expensive Actions Hard

While abstraction is a great thing, some abstractions are completely unpredictable. For instance, object-relational mappers are very convenient to get started, but if performance is important these frameworks can get very unpredictable performance characteristics. Let’s take Hibernate as an example. Java does not support properties, instead there’s a convention of using getter and setter methodsContinue reading “On Language Design: Making Expensive Actions Hard”

persistence.js: An Asynchronous Javascript ORM for HTML5/Gears

The past week or two I have been developing an asynchronous object-relational mapper in Javascript, called persistence.js. Its main use-case, right now, is to simplify the database component of offline-capable web applications, like the mobile web applications that I’m working on. But with some tweaking it should also be usable in server-side applications, like node.jsContinue reading “persistence.js: An Asynchronous Javascript ORM for HTML5/Gears”