Task Switching and Open Development on the Apple iPad

In case you missed it, Apple launched the iPad yesterday. Essentially it’s a beautiful looking giant iPod Touch running the iPhone/iPod OS, slightly adapted to take better advantage of the bigger 10″ screen. It’s available at a remarkably (for Apply, and the hardware you get) low price starting at $499. Not only does it lookContinue reading “Task Switching and Open Development on the Apple iPad”

On Asynchronous Programming

MSDN: Asynchronous operations are typically used to perform tasks that might take a long time to complete, such as opening large files, connecting to remote computers, or querying a database. An asynchronous operation executes in a thread separate from the main application thread. When an application calls methods to perform an operation asynchronously, the applicationContinue reading “On Asynchronous Programming”

On Language Design: Magic Variables in Compojure

The Perl language is riddled with special variables. Consider the following example: open(FILE, “bla.txt”); while(<FILE>) { print; } In case you don’t speak Perl, this is equivalent to: open(FILE, “bla.txt”); while(<FILE>) { print $_; } Still unclear? Alright, once more: open(FILE, “bla.txt”); while($line = <FILE>) { print $line; } Perl is developed by linguist LarryContinue reading “On Language Design: Magic Variables in Compojure”

On Language Design: My Problem With ClojureQL

Update: Since this post, ClojureQL has been completely redesigned, my criticism in this post no longer applies. You can find more information about the new ClojureQL on its new website. Every programming language comes with a certain syntax, a certain feel for what feels like native use of that syntax, and the semantics of theContinue reading “On Language Design: My Problem With ClojureQL”