Google Reader Pulls a Harry

Harry’s got a new job. He works at Google now.

He’s got a job as RSS post ranker. Google gives Harry’s services away for free under then name “Sort by magic”.

Yep, although RSS readers are practically web 1.7, people at Google are still working to improve Google Reader, making it more web 2.0. For a while already you’ve been able to “like” stuff, “star” and “share” it. “star”-ing and “share”-ing’s purposes have always been clear cut — starring is for bookmarking and share-ing is for sharing with your Google Reader buddies (what app does not have a social network these days). But “like”-ing has been pretty much pointless until a few days ago.

Because Harry cares about what you like and will rank it accordingly.

And through the “Popular Items” features he will tell you what the world likes. People really like this religion picker now, it seems.