MonoTouch: Built on Free for just $399!

When I heard Novell was building MonoTouch, I was excited. I like my iPhone, I liked my iPod, and I like the ability to build my own software that can run on it. What I don’t like is that Objective-C was basically the only way to do it. Luckily, Novell came to the rescue.

Novell would enable you to build iPhone software using .NET languages, like C# and compile it down to native iPhone ARM binaries! The project is called MonoTouch, because it’s built on Mono, the open source implementation of much of the .NET framework. The guy who drives the project is Miguel de Icaza, the guy the GNOME Linux desktop and the Mono project itself. A true open source guy.

So I wasn’t worried. But then…

“MonoTouch 1.0 goes live!”:

MonoTouch is a commercial product based on Mono and is made up of the following components

Commercial… ok, well, I guess that’s required to being able to distribute it as commercial software. Commercial software is fine by me, as long as there’s a technically sound reason to go with it…

Then I went to the website.

Nicely designed, although the logo seemed a bit suspicious. What finger is it sticking up there?

Then I hovered of the “Get monoTouch” button and noticed it’s sending me to… Oh oh…

Yep. If you don’t want to use a sucky language like Objective-C to develop for the iPhone, but instead would like to build on open source… be prepared to pay through the nose.

Personal license: $399/year
Enterprise edition: $999/year
5 developer license: $3,999/year

Oh, open source, thou aren’t what thy used to be…

Is it me, or does that logo look more and more like a big fuck you to the open source community?