They met on a YaBB board

Last week, I received the following e-mail:

Hello Zef,

I am officiating a wedding this coming weekend and I’ll be thanking
you in my speech. :)

My two friends first met on a YaBB message board in 2001 and I’m
giving the audience a brief history of how they met (going all the way
back to 1958 when DARPA was created). It’s really not as nerdy as it
sounds, or maybe it is, but it’s not a room full of computer-y people.

Anyway, I know you’ve long moved past the YaBB days, but I thought I’d
let you know.


Yesterday, I received the follow-up:

Hey Zef,

Here is a video of my speech (it’s long!):

I mention you at 4:39 and again at the end.

And then I used your email as a toast later. :)

Photos are just starting to pop up on Flickr with the tag
“amodernwedding”. Feel free to use whatever you want!


My first reaction was: why am I being contacted about this? I started YaBB 9 years ago and left a year later. I have not been involved at all for 8 years. Plus, these people, who I never knew existed, met on a site I never even heard of: But I guess this is the power of releasing some software for free to the world to use: you don’t know what’s going to happen to it, you don’t know who’s going to use it and you don’t know who’s going to meet through the use of it.

In his speech, Mikey lists a number of events that lead to Andrew and Ritchey meeting. They met on a forum that was, then, powered by YaBB, which in turn was a project started by me. Would they not have met if I hadn’t started YaBB? Probably they would, but you can never be sure.

Congratulations Andrew and Ritchey!

Exactly a month from today I am going to get married myself. Although we were not originally introduced through it, initially much of our relationship developed through the use of Skype. Maybe I should send the original founders an e-mail.