Blast from the past: Adlez

While talking to a colleague today about programming we did when we were younger, I all of a sudden remembered about a game that I developed with a friend when we were about 10–12 14–16 years old: Adlez. A puzzler written in Turbo Pascal, with pretty much everything developed from scratch: the VGA graphics library was written by us (I wrote the PutPixel implementation in assembly even), the fonts were “designed” by us. The graphics were made using a program called PowerPaint, which was a DOS Paint program, also developed by us (using the same graphics library). The cool thing is that it still runs, using DOSBox. So, if you feel like giving it a go: There’s quite a few levels in there. For those, who’re not convinced to download and play it yet: here are some screenshots:

(in the picture below, you are the little guy standing next to the rock (with the red hat).

Those were the days…